Seasonal Reminders.

SPRING – Prior to the spring thaw, test your sump pump operation and check the discharge for blockages. This is the time of year your sump pump system will be put to the test!


SUMMER – Always maintain your yards original rough (clay) graded slopes and the downspout extensions. The water collected by your lot and roof must run away from the foundation and all concrete slabs. Remember the weeping tile system on any house is not designed to handle the water volume collected by your yard or roof!


FALL – Remember to disconnect garden hoses from the exterior taps prior to nighttime freezing conditions. Although the exterior taps are designed to function at any temperature, an attached hose can defeat their design and cause a break of the tap which leaks inside your home upon use.  


WINTER - During periods of prolonged cold weather, check the hot water and furnace vent pipes on the exterior of your home for ice and frost buildup. If either vent pipe is even partially blocked the mechanical unit will not operate. If the vent pipe ends do require clearing, please do so while the units are not functioning.






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